Time is the greatest luxury

And the greatest place to spend that time is under the Filipino roof. Your stay here is a bliss no one else in the world can offer—from your waking by sunbeam peering through the windows, by breeze and birdsong, by the aroma of breakfast being prepared just for you. Welcome back to a time when the day’s biggest question can be, “Which fruits go into my smoothie?” It’s your choice that makes your day—to relax by the pool, or to go for a morning jog among the greenery. We’re here to keep you company. Or not, if you wish to be alone for some secret moment. Your time belongs to you, and only you.


Our Partners

Anya is the fruit of many labors. The people matter most are cooks, farmers, fishermen, and housekeepers. The people who rise before dawn, who toil in your slumber, they’re the ones who make it happen. The rest of us only asked nicely.